Umpire Development Pathway

Since September 2014 the England HA have created a new Umpire development Pathway.

We need to grow and nurture umpires in the county - so can clubs please actively try to identify candidates and get them onto courses. 

Courses:- Umpires can undertake an initial Level 1 Umpire award course. This is booked on line through the HA website. - 

Once this course has been complete newly qualified umpires can start umpiring. 

These matches are limited to some lower tier league fixtures ( see league handbook for qualifying tiers) and cup matches. 

After a minimum of 4 matches umpires can then be assessed by a Cornwall HA approved assessor to be become a club Umpire (assessed).  

Please contact the CHUA secretary if you are in a position to be assessed. 

It is an aspiration of the CHUA that all clubs will each have an assessor, currently we are building the 'suitably qualified people ' by the use of the HA Umpire develops pathway. 

The good news is that ten individuals from a number of different clubs within the county attended a Umpire developers course on June 4th 2015. So we are making progress. These developers will be able to coach and mentor both experienced and inexperienced umpires to allow for positive feedback in order to develop confidence and competence.

New online Umpire Education Module

Please take a look at where you’ll see a new online training module on decision communication is now available. 

The module is intended for new and inexperienced umpires and combines quite a number of video clips with some clear, concise guidance and explanation.  Following the successful completion of a short test, users can download a certificate of awareness.  This is a useful tool for all umpires so please publicise this facet as appropriate within your club. 

Rules education and testing is now available at this new site and there is also training resource for NPUA members here. 

Umpiring Resources

Looking for new umpiring resources, Sports Resources can provide you with all you need.
Be aware that this is not a site that is sponsored by the CHUA.

Cornwall Hockey Umpires Association

Welcome to the CHUA site, part of the integrated platform available to the Cornish hockey community.
N.B. Umpire CHUA registration. All new or returning, qualified or candidate umpires, to the county, who intend to continue umpiring, will need in the FIRST instance to register as active with the CHUA, via email to the Hon.Sec. for public liability insurance purposes and league approval. Failure will inflict penalties for the club from the respective league and could have obvious legal consequences for the individual.
Rod Wall
Bob Lees-Barton
Rich Carne 
Appointments Secretary
Rich Carne  
Patrick Collings 
Disciplinary Officer
Stuart Richardson
Committee Members
Glayne Price, Alan Rose, Greg White and Sarah Rendell. 
Level 1 Candidate Assessors: Rod Wall 01209 843073, Chris Jackson 01872 865121, Steve Hobson 01736 369674, Patrick Collings, Angela Lewis. These assessors are to be ratifed at a meeting date tbc in Sept 2015. If you are ready to be assessed please contact the CHUA secretary.


Mon, 15 Jan 2018